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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is a combination of spirituality and psychology to help you work through life's challenges and develop/strengthen your emotional intelligence.  The goal is for you to discover your Sacred Self and be able to live the fullness of life in whatever life you choose.  The primary focus is your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It is designed to help you work through your thoughts and behaviors that impact your way of life and your relationships. You may explore your past to unpack your unresolved hurts/losses, to recognize any of your unhealthy patterns, and to see how it has influenced who you are today.  Different types of healing methods and counseling techniques are used to aid with diverse forms of emotional and psychological challenges. 

Fee: $80 per session

         Sliding scale payment options available, as needed

Contact us to make an appointment. It will be an honor to serve you.

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