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Reiki (Healing Touch)

The term Reiki is made of two Japanese words: Rei means "soul or 

spirit and Ki means universal life force. It is defined as the power or energy which flows through all living beings.

Throughout history, there has always existed a healing method based on the transfer of universal energy. Tibetans had a deep understanding of the nature of spirit, energy and matter. They used their knowledge to heal and harmonize body and soul.

The ancient art of Reiki channels the Universal Life Force Energy through the practitioner into the recipient. The certified Reiki practitioner went through a series of attunements to allow the energy to flow.

Many races and cultures have been aware of the existence of this energy. To the Japanese, it is KI; to the Chinese, it is CHI, to the Hindus, it is PRANA; to the Kahunas, it is MANA; and to the Christians, it is known as the HOLY SPIRIT -- the healing power of God or the healing touch of Christ.

Each person experiences a Reiki treatment differently. Some of the most common results are feelings of centeredness, calmness, relaxation, warmth, tingling, and even the subtle movement of energy. Reiki awakens the body's dormant natural ability to heal itself. The body takes in the appropriate amount of energy and direct it where needed, to release blockages and stabilize imbalances.

Reiki scans the whole body and adjusts itself to the needs of the recipient. It may also increase a person's mental clairty and spiritual clarity. It is not for the Reiki practitioner to know exactly what Reiki will do for the recipient. Reiki has its own mission and that is always for the greater good for all.

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