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Renaissance Art, Restoration & Architecture LLC (RARA) is an award-winning firm, founded in 1989 by Dan Tarnoveanu. It is design-built firm that specializes in historic preservation and conservation of murals, mosaics, and other decorated architectural surfaces, and architectural elements. They also design and execute interior and exterior artwork; i.e., murals, mosaics, and paintings, for religious and secular buildings - public and private entities. RARA offers personalized services to meet the specific needs of their clients from start to finish, from design to execution. They also provide Historic Structure Reports, preparation of documentation and forms for listing properties in the National Register of Historic Places, and materials and colors investigation. They serve their clients in the United States, in Canada, Europe, and Asia

Renaissance Art, Restoration & Architecture LLC revives a classic legacy of creative, high quality design and workmanship. Historic buildings, their exterior and interior spaces, and all the artwork they incorporate (i.e., decorative and figurative murals, paintings, mosaics, and sculptures), represent the visible and tangible evidence of human history and culture.

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